Border Security/Immigration

We have suffered long enough from the failure of Congress to do their job. It is obvious that the American Dream is a magnet for every person suffering from oppression, poverty, and authoritarian governments. We now have chaos where we need laws. America is a nation of immigrants, but we only have so much capacity. Let’s invest in a system that allows the origin of immigration to begin only in the person’s home country. Let’s create solidarity among nations for processing refugees. Let’s have the infrastructure at the border to determine refugee status and move refugees quickly to a welcoming community. Let’s move immediately to have a law for DACA immigrants already in America that creates a pathway for citizenship. Let’s stop demonizing immigrants and understand that immigrants play a critical role in our economy especially in the area of agriculture, hospitality, and service jobs. Also, let’s be wise enough to keep the immigrants our universities prepare in America for innovation and American excellence.